Different Makes a Difference

For years, I thought prescriptions and alcohol were the answer to every physical or emotional problem. It was a miserable lifestyle that hurt everyone around me.

By the grace of God, I found sobriety in 2002 and started making better choices about what goes IN my body. 

My physical condition vastly improved, but difficult emotions persisted. When things got bad, I’d find a dark corner and curl up in a ball, rocking and sobbing with absolutely no idea why.

Fast forward six years later, when my son received a special needs diagnosis. His doctor taught us about detoxification and paying attention to what we put ON our bodies.

Our kid is different. We got different with him and all of our lives radically improved.

As we made changes to our home and personal care, ditching hazardous chemicals, I realized that my emotional lows weren’t happening anymore!

I used to put on a front just to function some days – now I’m authentically me, experiencing serenity beyond anything I envisioned. Recovery is possible, and I’m passionate about serving women who choose it for themselves and their children – I see you. I’m determined to empower as many people as possible with knowledge, techniques and resources to detoxify their lifestyle and manifest their truest purpose.

Come find hope and learn how to become the hero of your own story through the information, support, and opportunities we share in our exclusive community.

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